Starting our intentional community


December 7, 2012 by susanyvivi

From left to right: Susan (core member), Marueen and Ralph (participating supporters), Dave and Yvonne (core members).

From left to right: Susan (core member), Marueen and Ralph (participating supporters), Dave and Yvonne (core members).

The idea to begin meeting about sustainable living came along late in 2011. It so happened that many of us came to the (coffee) table with past experience in intentional communities, ecovillages, animal husbandry and permculture. So it’s no real surprise that the idea of forming an ecovillage farm together percolated fairly quickly. After many meetings over many months, here’s how the membership in our group has grown to be structured:

Jot from Lorraines ipadSupporters in Spirit are members who are interested in The Village Farm and want to be kept informed of our progress.

Participating Supporters are members who want to help with the work of creating The Village Farm and participate in various ways in the life and work of The Village Farm when we are up and running.

Core Group members are committed to: the vision, doing the work to create and maintain The Village Farm, living in The Village Farm, and purchasing a resident’s share in the cooperative.

At the moment, we have six Core Group members, dozens of Participating Supporters and hundreds of Supporters in Spirit. Some of our Participating Supporters have expressed interest in becoming Core Group members in the future.

Shares in the co-operative will be available to anyone participating, at any level. There will be a variety: some for people who want to live and work in The Village Farm; some for those who would like to use the land and facilities for food production and processing; and some for those who want to buy products from the farm. One share will equal one vote, so everyone’s voice will be heard, but those most involved will steer the decision-making and shape the farm’s future.

Glorious harvest season.

Glorious harvest season.

In March 2012, our weekly meetings took an interesting turn. They suddenly became more than just a group of activist-minded people having potlucks to talk about making a difference. They became discussions about a chance to live our dream.

We found a 150 acre farm that met all our needs and was available for sale in Sooke.

A view of one of the cleared fields.

Helgesen Farm, Sooke BC.

Please look out for our next post where we’ll bring you up to speed on Helgesen Farm, the land we’re currently in discussions about raising funds to purchase.

Thanks so much for visiting – we’re thrilled that you’re interested in our project. Please comment if you have any thoughts, questions or suggestions. And don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss the next post.


2 thoughts on “Starting our intentional community

  1. indytony says:

    I wish you well in your new venture.

  2. drjeff7 says:

    That is great news. I have a few here that would potentially be interested in forming our own. How are you going about “raising the funds?” Is it simply by donation from members and sellling shares? That is probably our biggest obstacle with a 60 acre farm for sale adjacent to our current 17 acre plot. WE have discussed, but nothing has come of it to this point…

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