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December 17, 2012 by susanyvivi

Unknown-1The next few months are going to be action packed for all of us creating The Village Farm. We’ll be moving quickly to raise funds to purchase the land for our ecovillage by selling shares in our yet-to-be-formed Co-operative. But before we’re able to start fundraising in earnest, these are the three things we’ll be hard at work on:

1. A Feasibility Study – required for incorporating a Co-op. This study assesses the strengths and weaknesses of our venture, its opportunities and threats and its overall financial viability.

2. Our Business plan – required for incorporating a Co-op. A formal statement of our set of business goals, the reasons we believe they’re attainable, and our plan for reaching those goals.

3. Incorporating our Co-op. Working with the BC Co-op Association, we will decide the structure, a steering committee, a name and the price for shares.

Running_pigletsOnce we are incorporated we will begin our fundraising race, aiming to reach our goal by Feb. 1st. Then with the fundraising in motion, we’ll start to put a priority on these other important To Do list items:

Village Charter – establishing the rules by which we’ll live, including communication, consenus decision making and conflict resolution.

Land use plan – research and observation.

Energy systems plan – research and design.

Community buildings plan – research and design.

Housing plan: temporary and permanent – research and design.

Infrastructure plan – research and design.

Water systems plan – research and design.

rounning cowsThe core members will be forming committees around each of these topics and running with them. So if you’re a participating member and have interest or expertise in any of these fields, please raise your hand!

We have lots more to update you on, so please stay tuned for upcoming posts. As they say, it only takes persistent action to force dreams into reality. Talk again soon.


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