A good read to start the year


January 1, 2013 by susanyvivi

Happy New Year to everyone.

We hope you’ve had and are having a wonderful holiday with loved ones either close by or close at heart.

From BCCA's 'Cultivating Co-ops.

Photo from BCCA’s ‘Cultivating Co-ops’.

As you know from the last few posts, we are hard at work putting together a feasibility study and business plan in order to incorporate our Co-op. If you, like most people, aren’t intimately aware of the ins and outs of the Co-operative development process, we think you may find this guide put out by the BC Co-operative Association called ‘Cultivating Co-ops’ interesting:


It gives background info on Co-op principles, structure and types, a checklist for starting one and plenty of other useful information. For anyone involved in The Village Farm or thinking of getting involved, we think you’ll find it an extremely helpful and enlightening read.

We’ve had many requests for a suggested reading list so we will be posting a ‘Village Farm Curriculum’ of sorts in coming weeks. And of course, we’ll keep you abreast of any new developments. Until then, happy reading!


One thought on “A good read to start the year

  1. gordeye says:

    A great statement in the BC Co-operative Guide linked to on this page. ” Co-ops and credit unions meet the common needs of their members, whereas most
    investor-owned businesses exist to maximize profit for shareholders.”

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