Breaking news about Helgesen Farm


January 8, 2013 by susanyvivi

You may or may not be aware that a few weeks ago, emboldened by our growing membership base and the support of Vancity Credit Union, we put in an offer to purchase Helgesen Farm, the property of our ecovillage dreams. After much back and forth, many last-minute meetings and plenty of nail biting, the news is finally in.



They’ve accepted our offer.

Thanks so much to all of you who gave us advice, wished us well and participated in the process.

A meeting in mid December discussing our offer.

A meeting in mid December, discussing our offer.

L to R: Gordie, Alabama, Lis, Vivi and Susan preparing to make a counter offer.

L to R: Gordie, Alabama, Lis, Vivi and Susan preparing to make a counter offer.

Special thanks go to our Realtor Ken and our Vancity advisor Danella – we couldn’t have done it without you two. And of course, a big thank you goes to the Wrights, the owners of Helgesen, for allowing us to take this giant leap toward our dream.

There’s plenty to do before the deal is closed (there’s that small matter of fundraising) but we all deserve to take a moment and celebrate.

Congratulations everyone!


17 thoughts on “Breaking news about Helgesen Farm

  1. gordeye says:

    Woohoo is right…now down to work!

  2. Jahnet Hewsick says:


  3. Pat says:

    That’s exciting news. Congratulations!

  4. Patricia O'Brien says:

    so happy for you all – congratulations!

  5. vivi says:

    Thanks everybody and congratulations everybody! Keep in touch, this is going to be super exciting. Lots of work ahead but, hey!, fun work!

  6. Karen K. Christensen-Dalsgaard says:

    This is incredibly exciting news!
    Whether Paolo, the girls and I will end up being part of the farm in practice, as we hope, or “just” in moral support, it is so very life-affirming to see dreams come true. Admittedly, those dreams do come with large amounts of work attached to them, but right now lets enjoy being happy.
    Time to celebrate!

  7. kelly keys says:

    yay…..good job, super excited!!!!!

  8. suzanne says:

    WOW, what great news! Congratulations and thank you for taking this bold, hopeful, exciting step. Much work to do now. See you on Friday – Suzanne and Darren

  9. sg says:

    Everything is work. You may as well love your work. Congratulations, I’m So happy for you all, especially my sweet Susan and Vivi

  10. sheila says:

    May the work feel like play, may the earnest conversations be balanced with laughter, may the money fill your buckets like rain falling on a Sooke January day, and may you all stand hand in hand, on your land, in triumph on April 10. That is my vision and I will focus on it every day. My spirit with is with you all!!! Sheila

  11. Julie MacLachlan says:

    How very exciting and so well deserved – yes, lots to do ahead and much work,
    but as someone else said – if you love the work you do – Is it really work or just hard fun!

  12. Sofie says:

    WOOW that’s good news. That is worth a good celebration indeed. I am very impressed with your perseverance and inspiring ideas! Well done all!

  13. Joy says:

    Wonderful News!

  14. Tom says:

    Fantastic news friends! I can’t wait to visit and see you all again! Wow! That’s one way to energize the process! Hats off to those who did the hard work!

  15. Fabuloso! Estoy consigo!

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