Why we’re doing what we’re doing


January 27, 2013 by susanyvivi

At the Participating Supporters meeting on Friday, during a discussion about how open we’d be to ‘corporate sponsorship’ or corporate donations (the conclusion was “on a case by case basis based on shared values”), Vivi quietly, almost under her breath, reminded us all of why we’re expending so much energy on this project in the first place.

We’re trying to change the world.

It stopped everyone for a second. It’s so easy to get caught up in the myriad of practical details, the looming deadline and the sheer enormity of our tasks that we actually forget the reason it’s all worth it.

In case you need a little inspiration, here’s a little bit about Core Member Vivi:

Vivi and Shu.

Vivi and Shu.

She was fully dedicating her life to her career working for the Argentine government as a restoration architect when she met Susan over a decade ago. After many years of political activism, and being discouraged by the results of her efforts, she embarked on a quest of discovery around intentional communities and finding new ways to create change. She quit her job and registered in an intensive Permaculture course and spent three weeks at Gaia Ecovillage in Navarro, Argentina.  Fourteen years later, she finds herself a Canadian citizen, a farmer surrounded by her ducks and flowers and living in rhythm with the seasons at Ragley Farm on Vancouver Island. She sees The Village Farm as the completion of her lifelong dream: to step out of the box, create a different way of existing and live the change the world needs.

She also cries whenever we make progress.

Let’s try not to forget that the work of building The Village Farm is difficult because it’s new. There is no template – yet. There have been other ecovillages around the world, thank goodness, but what we’re doing is far from mainstream. We are pioneers in a way of living that puts the integrity of our planet first, promotes sustainability, food security and sovereignty, and brings communities together.

Thanks Vivi, for the reminder.

And thank you to anyone who finds it in their hearts to help us by making a donation.


One thought on “Why we’re doing what we’re doing

  1. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a number of small urban farming sites and communities throughout the East Bay. I am a member of one in Berkeley. Food is being grown at local public high schools, vacant lots, backyards and soon, on roof tops. Some of it is freely shared with senior housing & homeless shelters. There is even a project to harvest the abundance of backyard fruit trees by high school students. We recruit at risk kids from the inner city. We find out what they know about the food chain and go from there, with workshops on sustainability in food growth, distribution and preparation. We also have workshops on how to repair the bicycles and trailers that we use to harvest and transport the produce collected. By the end of the summer, kids may keep their bikes and are encouraged to share this program with their school and to join the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. We now have a year round program in East Oakland. For some of the kids, it is one of very few tools that they can access to keep themselves out of harms way.

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