“What do I get for my donation?”


March 1, 2013 by susanyvivi

After one of our recent presentations, a question was asked that really got us thinking. The person mischievously raised their hand and said, “What do I get for my donation other than a house for you to live in?”. She was of course being facetious to draw out the very good reasons one should be supporting the project. Regardless, it’s worth being clear – any money donated will be going solely to the Sooke Region Farmland Trust Society to help pay the $1.6 million needed to buy and protect the farmland at 6600 Helgesen Rd. from development in perpetuity.

The question did spark some thought and discussion on our end, though. Here are some genuine answers to “what do I get for my donation?” from the members of our group:

truck 001From Mary:

“Saved and protected farmland – in production, growing local food, tended and stewarded by farmers young and old who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity and might be working at Walmart instead. A place to come, to walk the woods, listen to the creek, learn how to garden and preserve your harvest, pick your pumpkin, and fall in love at a barn dance…”

From Mary Alice:

“A forward-thinking farm that will put Sooke on the map as a community that cares about sustainable food and farmers. A place that welcomes Sooke residents and Sooke visitors onto the land with a bicycle and walking path, events and celebrations rather than a few exclusive landowners who put up fences to keep us off the property. And a place that generates jobs and income for Sooke DSC01844businesses and residents since farmers are known to buy locally and hire local service providers.”

From Yvonne (and seconded by many group members):

“For anyone who contributes, I hope to help inspire, inform and enable by preserving 153 acres of farm and wild lands in perpetuity for the use of all future generations and creatures; by helping to build a strong, belonging Sooke community through a place where everyone is welcome; by adopting a model of community that provides a safe place to learn, experiment and implement personal IMG_2454skills that are required to create a more peaceful world; by creating a healthy local based, self-reliant food economy through local sustainable food production, local processing, local distribution and of course local consumption (yum!) using a permaculture model; by providing education and  opportunity to  young farmers who will become an integral part of the community farm and who will pass their knowledge and enthusiasm for farming onto future generations; and by living, developing and demonstrating practical solutions for green living.”

The farm we hope to protect.

The farm we hope to protect.

We also thought we’d draw everyone’s attention to our policy about donations if we are unable to go through with the purchase. While none of us like to think of this possibility, we forced ourselves so we could provide clarity and transparency regarding your generous donations. If by our deadline, we decide we are not able to move forward, everyone who has donated will be given three options: 1. A 100% refund, 2. A refund minus our fundraising fees (3-9%), or 3. Allow us to hold your donation for a year to see if we can find a way to move forward either with the Helgesen property, or another one. If after a year, we are unable to move forward, we will give you the option of 1 or 2. If you have donated by cheque, your options will be 1. Tear up the cheque. 2. Let us hold the cheque for a year and contact you if we’re able to move forward within that time. If not, tear up the cheque.

Thank you. We hope you’ll consider contributing to our project. If you already have, please consider sharing our indiegogo campaign with friends, family and colleagues. Any support would mean the world to us.


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  1. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share… waiting for more.

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