A big thank you (part 2)

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March 6, 2013 by susanyvivi

thank-youBecause of the following people, we are closer to our goal of protecting farmland and supporting local food production. A giant thank you, hug and smooch from all of us go to:
Diana Smith and Dorothy Elias
Sheila Whincup
Betsy Nuse
Angela Ginorio
Terri Alcock and Dominique Bernadet
Ellen Hansen for Amber and Solange
John and Rowena Locklin
Margaret Critchlow
Christine and Claudia Elwell
Carolyn Herriot
Ieneke Van Houten
Brenda Pilon
Patricia L Dawson
Vivien Sharples
Suzanne Berry and Pamela Pauly
Claire Hetzel
Margo and Pam
Suzanna Smith
J. Anke van Leeuwen
Jackie Bennett
Wind Whipped Farm
Jen Osborne
Barb Gordon
Marjorie True
The Hindrichs family
Diana and Doug Brubaker
Susan and Cobra
It makes us so happy to know we aren’t alone in our quest. You folks are the best.

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