A big thank you (part 3)

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March 17, 2013 by susanyvivi

Image from heifer blog.

Image from heifer blog.

Once again, we are humbled by your generosity. These are the awesome people who have stepped up and made a donation to protect farmland and promote food security most recently (and there’s still more thank-you’s to come). We couldn’t be more grateful and we hope all of you inspire many others to do the same.

Poupee Curutchet

Rachel Montpetit

Patricia O’Brien and Michael Gaudet

Marilyn Fuchs

Maureen Williams and Ralph Garrison

Ieneke Van Houten (again!)

Corrina Wilson

Ellen Hansen (again!) for Esther Grenier and Betty Stewart

Terri-Lynn Lawrence

Ewan Quirk

Jordan Marr

The Tilson Family

Elina Hil

Ava Christl

Barbara M. Rimmer

Monica Pohlmann

Ana Simeon

Dan and Emily Babish

W. Thompson Martin

Tina Gianoulis

Dave and Yvonne Court

Audrey Wild

Bob Wild

Carolyn J Bateman

Edith Newman

David and Penny Marr

Vanessa Samur

Janice Gutman

Doug Thoms and Lorraine Tao

Oliver Kienast and Brooke Fader

Glen Thelin

Heather Philips

Julie and Rob MacLachlan

Mary Wolfe

Nancy Isenmann

Pia Carroll

Sheila Wallace

Vicki Davis

Angela Ginorio

Diana Smith and Dorothy Elias

Mary K Coll

Levi Rodriguez

Once again, a big hug and smooch go out to all of you from all of us. And an especially wet one goes to those who’ve donated twice.

We are at a crucial point in our journey. We are less than a month away from our deadline and we are still far from our goal.

IMG_0713Please think about whether you believe in local food production or having our food supply reliant on fossil fuels to get to us. As many of you know, the Island is especially vulnerable with only enough food to sustain itself for three days in the event of an emergency with the current food system.

If you agree with us that farmland needs to be protected now and for the future, please make a donation, ‘like’ our new facebook page (new button to your right) and share our indiegogo campaign. Whether we go forward or not is reliant on the support we receive in the next few weeks. We’re doing everything we can on our end and our fingers are crossed for you.


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