With heavy hearts


April 8, 2013 by susanyvivi

Dearest supporters,

This is very difficult for all of us at The Village Farm to announce but we have had to face the facts that we are not able to move forward with the purchase of the land for 1.6 million on April 10th. There are many, many pieces to this puzzle and in reviewing where we stand financially, despite the generosity of people who have donated on the blog, on indiegogo, by cheque and by cash, we simply aren’t where we need to be. This has been an incredible journey for all of us in trying to bring our vision to life and we want you all to know that this is not the end by any means.

From Susan, one of the originators of the Village Farm:

“Our vision is still strong, but it has become clear that the time pressure of the contract does not permit us to build the necessary financial base or to fully develop the group of people who would be living on the farm and creating enterprises to sustain it.  So with sadness and determination, we are letting go of the farm on Helgesen Road for now, but The Village Farm will carry on with the vision by growing, practising and planning our future so that one day we will be ready to find a home.”

You have all contributed nobly and valiantly to something we believe is worthwhile. There is no doubt that all the work and goodwill you’ve put in will make The Village Farm an idea that will succeed in the future – something we fully intend to make happen. We are regrouping and will make another push, only stronger, more organized, and hopefully still with all your support.

Regarding your generous online donations: We will be contacting all of you with three options. 1. A refund minus the 9% service fees we’ll be charged. 2. Allow us to hold the money for a year in an escrow account to see if we can move forward with the same property or another one. If we do not move forward within the year, you will be contacted and offered a refund. 3. A full refund.

If you have donated by cheque, your options will be 1. Tear up the cheque, or 2. Let us hold the cheque for a year and contact you if we are able to move forward with the Helgesen property or another one – and tear up the cheque if we don’t.

For those who donated in cash, we will hold your money for a year and if we do not move forward, we will donate it to a like-minded charity in our region.

All our love, The Village Farm.


7 thoughts on “With heavy hearts

  1. La Mer Riehle says:

    What a beautiful vision, nevertheless. The idea of an eco-farm that is a community-sourced, vital endeavor is now planted in the consciousness of more people in more places. Have a good Spring and Summer in Sooke and thank you for sharing the beginning chapter of this story. Good work! La Mer

  2. Marilyn Erickson says:

    I’m so disappointed… not only for your group of founders but for all of us who hold on to the dream of more green spaces, more eco agriculture, more sustainable organic permaculture and more local co-op communities. I’ m wondering if perhaps it is your original group that needs to expand and commit, perhaps using even a more proactive approach in seeking mortgage advice, global memberships and sponsors with deeper pockets to make this happen? Your intent and energy has been awesome but is there interest in carrying through this proposal with more help? There are self sustaining communities like this all over the world, and woofers volunteer on farms, supporters and travelers buy shares in farms, and they all help in creating a green ‘movement’ around the world! I was hoping we could get much more support from green agro businesses and local enviro friendly non profits like Green Drinks who could help build membership and support if the vision was clear enough. This farm doesn’t just benefit Sooke!

    Do you think at this point it may be wise to have a town-hall brainstorming session with everyone involved and talk out the options and other avenues of raising capital? You have such a groundswell of support going….is there anyone of you with the time to take this on? Well done, but we want you to buy that farm!!

    Have you thought about funding a therapeutic treatment community like Woodwynn Farms? Strength in numbers!

    • lorraine says:

      (from Susan) Thank you Marilyn for such a wonderfully supportive message. And we couldn’t agree more with you about the need for projects like The Village Farm and the need to save farmland and wilderness as well. Given more time we may very well have been able to buy the farm with the support of the many people such as yourself who care deeply about the world and share the vision of community life.
      I agree wholeheartedly that a town hall style meeting to talk with each other about ways to create any number of community initiatives in the vein of The Village Farm would be an excellent event.

  3. Ana says:

    I know that you are disappointed, but please know that what you have accomplished is enormous. Your vision has spread throughout the region. You must continue and the Divine Right Farm is coming your way soon. De eso no cabe duda! ¡Les quiero! Keep the funds for the real McCoy!

  4. Ralph says:

    That is so sad for me, and for you. I was really hoping it would happen. It’s the kind of adventure that can help put Sooke on the map. Maybe a major benefactor will suddenly appear? Keep trying.

  5. It is such a grand idea, I know that it will manifest in some way. All the work you have done to get to this stage is the groundwork for the right piece of land and financing.
    much love and respect,

  6. Don’t be discouraged. You will find your forever farm. Or it will find you. Our own quest was so heart wrenching, with so many ups and downs, but we made it, and so will you. We came very close to losing this place, and I just kept telling myself that we are meant to be there, things will find a way to work out. And here we are.

    “Whether or not it is clear to you / No doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.” – Ehrmann

    You have a beautiful vision. It will come true.

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