The Village Farm Forward


March 26, 2016 by susanyvivi


Description of Current Planning From the Folks Who are in the Process of Continuing the Vision and Creation of a Community Farm in the Spirit of, if not on the scale of, The Village Farm


After hibernating and incubating and ruminating and carrying on (not necessarily in that order) a while, we are now beginning to make some decisions and take some actions.  One of the first of which is to write to all of our past, present and future friends — those who loved the idea of The Village Farm, those who contributed so much in time, energy and money, and those who have expressed interest in hearing more about what is yet to come.

Many of you know the reasons why we believe it is a good idea to create and share a sense and experience of community. Of course there is the need for food security, to acquire and         protect fair and accessible land and housing for farmers, for healthy soil, water and air, and for a commitment to learn to live and work together.  When we look at why those needs have not          been so well met, we see a deeper problem, perhaps the root.

We recognize that many of the troubles in the world come from the overwhelming value placed upon the money economy and financial profit as the goal of all transactions and relationships.

We believe that now it is vital to create and recreate ways of life that place the highest value on relationships and the common good.  Where profit is measured in the well-being of the community. Where well-being means to offer and receive support and sustenance.  Where the meeting of our basic needs is not dependent on our participation in an


economic system which is destructive and exclusive, but grows from an interdependence with each other.

Our experience of The Village Farm taught us a lot.  In an effort to act on the lessons we learned we are taking time to get to know each other and clarify what we would like to do.

Some conclusions:

  • Make the vision simple and clear with the basic focus on forming creative community with ways of sustaining ourselves and others.
  • Maintain a small scale so as not to become an institution.
  • Provide service in the form of education/teaching/learning and retreat/respite/healing.
  • The community will live on a diverse farm which will provide opportunities for learning and healing as well as growing food.
  • The land will be owned by the society formed to provide the legal structure for the community.
  • We will facilitate a space for community gatherings/meetings in the town core of Sooke.
  • We will strive for as much independence from the ‘mainstream’ economic system as possible.
  • Financial support will be provided by society membership dues, income generated from the provision of services, income generated from the sale of farm products, grants and fundraising.
  • Various opportunities for participation by the larger community will be integral.


And now,  we are excited to announce the formation of our not for profit society


A Common Way Home Society VISION

A thriving, autonomous and interdependent community working for the common good.

The purposes of A Common Way Home are:

a) to research and model those best practices which provide alternatives to unsustainable socioeconomic systems in small    towns and rural communities on Southern Vancouver Island.

b) to build a better theory of well-being.

c) to establish a rural residential cooperative community farm .

d) to facilitate a cooperative space for co-working, classes and community         gatherings/meetings in the Sooke town core.

e) to awaken the imagination and the creative imaginary.

f) to provide care for people in community

g) to facilitate community learning with a focus on life skills and critical thinking.

We are six founding directors.  Our next steps will involve talking with people in Sooke who may be interested in sharing a place for meetings and gatherings and then locating a space for rent that would meet our needs.

We plan to offer a variety of programs, classes and get togethers,  provide a drop in space/community hub for all ages, and we are contemplating the creation of a very local radio station.

In the near future we will have membership details available and more actions on the go.

If you would like to see some examples of similar communities/projects please see these websites:

If you would like to read more about our reflections on the lessons learned from our organizing efforts related to The Village Farm, please see the next post..  Our next post will also contain the new website/blog information.

Thank you once again for all your support and enthusiasm.


2 thoughts on “The Village Farm Forward

  1. Ellen Hansen says:

    Great News. Do you have a new piece of land in mind?

  2. Ana says:

    Beautiful! I’ll be up this spring (perhaps April) and/or summer. Can we get together and catch up? Besitos!  ADDRESS: Metta,  ADDRESS:



    ADDRESS: Ana Maria Sierra, Ph.D. ADDRESS: 253–686-5184 ADDRESS:

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