In order to address our concerns about the future integrity of our planet, we want and intend to create together a way of life that encourages people to learn and grow toward a more sustainable future.  We envision an interdependent, cooperative and learning community that strives to: preserve and protect the land and water; provide sustenance to each other; and be interconnected with the larger society.  

We are a group of people in the process of creating a cooperative farm community on Vancouver Island.  As part of a transition to a less fossil-fuel dependent lifestyle, we intend to provide as much as possible for our basic needs within a relocalized economy, which we will help to create by fostering relationships throughout the surrounding community and with other ecologically minded food producers in our bioregion.  As part of our commitment to learning to live in community, we will work on developing healthy social relations and participatory governance and decision-making processes. Extending beyond our community, we will share with others what we learn about all these endeavours.

Some of the actions we will take to carry out our mission: 

Social Relations

Foster mutual respect and appreciation

Value the common good

Maintain a balance of public/private life – meet needs for both communion and solitude

Learn and practice compassionate communication skills

Create a form of governance that encourages and sustains participation and empowerment

Adopt a plan for conflict resolution

The Land

Find and develop a parcel of land large enough for about 20 households, depending on the carrying capacity of the land.

Hold common land with a conservation easement or similar tool that will protect woods, farmland and wild areas from development in perpetuity.


Adopt energy efficiency techniques and technology.

Develop energy sources that are both local and renewable.

Food and Farming

Farming as economic base of community

Grow food organically

Practise both animal and plant husbandry – diverse and multiple uses

Use a combination of methods such as permaculture and biodynamic

Build greenhouses and develop other season extension methods.

Value added farm products


Develop rainwater catchment systems.

Develop gray water recycling systems.

Protect any naturally occurring waterways or sources on the land.

Waste management

Compost biodegradable waste.

Use an energy production method to create energy from biodegradable waste.


Create an economic structure that recognizes, appreciates and rewards shared responsibility and power, sustainability, and conservation of resources. As much as possible strive to not participate in the industrial commercial economy.

Encourage farming as a viable occupation for families and individuals by keeping the costs of participation as low as possible and investigate ways to provide necessary group benefits (MSP, CPP, etc.).


8 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Jacquetta and Nory Nisbet says:

    This is a beautifully designed and informative e-document. Thank you Lorraine!

  2. lorrainetao says:

    My pleasure Jacquetta! Lots of new posts to come.

  3. equinox2013 says:

    I am quite intrigued!

  4. susan says:

    Glad to hear that. Let us know if you have any questions.

  5. Susan says:

    Love this format for information sharing. Very well done. Wishing you all much success in this journey.

  6. When the topic of ecological building surfaces in your evolution please feel free to contact me. Gratefully,
    Robert Laporte;
    ps Keary Conwright informed me about you.

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