Refund Policy

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Everyone who has donated will be contacted by email and given three options:

1. A refund minus the 9% service fees we’ve been charged by indiegogo and paypal.

2. *Allow us to hold your donation for a year in an escrow account to see if we can move forward with the Helgesen property or another one within that time. If after a year, we are unable to move forward, you’ll be given the two refund options stated here.

3. A 100% refund.

If you have donated by cheque, your options will be:

1. Tear up the cheque.

2. *Let us hold the cheque for a year (un-cashed) and contact you if we are able to move forward with the Helgesen property or another one – and tear up the cheque if we aren’t.

For those who donated in cash, we will hold your money for a year and if we do not move forward, we will donate it to a like-minded charity in our region.


If you’re able to donate part of your refund in any amount to help us cover our expenses, it would be greatly appreciated. We are a small group and it will help us get back on our feet that much quicker.

*Donations held for a year will not be used to cover current expenses – they will go directly toward securing and protecting farmland.

See our final fundraising amounts and expenses here.


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