What’s An Ecovillage?


Ecovillages are urban or rural communities of people who strive to integrate a supportive social environment with a low-impact way of life. To achieve this, they integrate various aspects of ecological design, permaculture, ecological building, green production, alternative energy, community building practices, and much more. Ecovillages are living models of sustainability. They represent an effective, accessible way to combat the degradation of our social, ecological, and spiritual environments.

                                                          – Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

“A human-scale, full-featured settlement in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy human development, with multiple centres of initiative, and (which) can successfully be continued into the indefinite future.”

                             – Robert & Diane Gilman (co-originators of the term ‘ecovillage’)

If you’re interested in learning more about ecovillages and intentional communities, here’s some additional reading we recommend:

‘Gleanings From the Harvest: Learning From Ecovillage Experiments Around the World’ by Karen Liftin


‘Creating a Life Together’ by Diana Leafe Christian



4 thoughts on “What’s An Ecovillage?

  1. Will you post all of the recommended reading here for those interested in becoming a part of the ecovillage? Theist looks great by the way!

  2. Are there ecovillages in other areas? I’m in the Niagara Falls region and have been looking for a place like this.

    • Yes….there is OUR ECOVILLAGE which is celebrating its 15 year and has long since passed all rezoning, building code issues and development planning. There are onsite social enterprise aspects alive and well. Worth it to come to the Vancouver islands area and visit all the projects and places which focus on Permaculture design, ecovillage design, urban food systems, natural building, and just some generally incredible examples….not hard to create a weekend of visits to all and then hop over to the gulf islands as well.

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